Jeff Mitchell Lighting has built its reputation on successfully installing revolutionary systems using innovative techniques developed by the owner Jeff Mitchell.  Since the beginning, Jeff Mitchell Lighting has taken on tasks considered to be impossible and has met the challenges with great success.  This value of innovation and excellence is shared by all the company’s employees.  One of the most recognized divisions of the business focuses on Christmas lighting.  The holiday season is perhaps the busiest time of year for the company with a variety of projects among some of most sought-after areas. 

The traditional customers of Jeff Mitchell Lighting have already purchased a lighting system from another contractor who usually specialized in either lighting, irrigation, or landscape services. Eighty percent of the systems we replace are less than five years old and never provided the effect or reliability desired by the customer.  Most of the time these systems were designed incorrectly using materials of dubious quality.  For example, the chosen transformer did not provide the requisite power that the system needed to be effective.
    We do not focus on the new construction market because the relationships with builders prove to be too challenging in St. Louis, especially since the fall of the housing market in 2008.  Over seventy percent of builders have gone out of business, having demonstrated terrible track records of payment and customer service.  We at Jeff Mitchell Lighting, however,  pride ourselves on our customer service, which we find can not be guaranteed in a new construction environment because of the chaotic changes in scheduling.  Therefore, as a matter of principle we simply do not work under builders but instead choose to work directly for homeowners, thereby ensuring the quality and timeliness of our work.  If your home is under construction and you are interested in our services, please contact us during the design phase of your planning.  Many times we can sleeve obstacles, making the process easier.  It is advantageous to contact us so we can come in after everything is finished.  With a one week window, we will make ourselves available to install your project in its entirety.